Sunday, July 24, 2011

We Goin' Ridin' on the Freeway of Love in Our Ford Nucleon

If you want to come down with a serious case of car envy, check out this photo gallery of the Top 10 Concept Cars of the Fifties.  Okay, it was posted over a year ago, so I'm probably the eighty grazillionth person to link to it, but there's nothing quite so timeless as yesterday's tomorrows.  Or something.

The GM Firebird II was designed to drive on our inevitable automated highways.  Really.

Seriously, though, wouldn't it be cool to have a Lincoln Futura or a GM Firebird II, just so people could stare at you as you went stylin' down the highway?  In fact, the Lincoln Futura was so stylin' that the producers of the 1960's Batman TV series used one as the basis for their Batmobile.

Batman and Robin in disguise.  Not to catch a crook; just because it makes them feel special.

I think maybe the most attractive, in a quieter way, is the Chrysler K-310.  The Dodge Firearrows, meanwhile, remind me of electric razors.

The stylin' Chrysler K-310.  And who cares what you think?

But by far the most alarming is the Ford Nucleon, which fortunately never got any farther than a scale design model.  Yes, motor to work or play in the car with a freakin' nuclear reactor in the back.  Most people can't keep their oil maintained.  What hope this?  They could call breakdowns "The Detroit Syndrome."

"You're upset 'cause I'm late?!  My car had a meltdown, and now I can't have children!"

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