Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Preview: Manifest Destiny

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We tried to find a preview appropriate for Thanksgiving, but no dice. Just be thankful that what happens to the characters in this story hasn't happened to you.

Steve Perry, co-author of this story, is the one exception to our policy for Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2 of having all authors, of stories old and new, who have worked on the various televised iterations of Star Trek. But he is the father of Trek novelist S.D. Perry, which perhaps makes Steve a grandwriter of Star Trek. His preferred SF franchise has been Star Wars, for which he has written several novels, both solo (as it were), and in collaboration with Michael Reaves.

Michael Reaves co-wrote the first season Next Generation episode "Where No One Has Gone Before" with Diane Duane (who also has a story in TWS2) and the Nebula-nominated script "World Enough and Time" for the Internet production Star Trek New Voyages (covered in a feature article in TWS2). He also won an Emmy award as story editor of Batman: The Animated Series, and has written over 400 scripts (a total aided only in recent years by bionic implants).

Of the new stories we've published so far, "Manifest Destiny" is probably the closest in tone to the Golden Age. It's an exciting tale very much like something out of H.L. Gold's Galaxy, or the original Thrilling Wonder Stories, but still fresh and surprising.

Mishi McCaig, whose work we've seen before for "Enterprise Fish," turns in a fine illustration that could have appeared alongside this story in either of those magazines of yesteryear.

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