Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Game: Mission Mars

An e-mail from our friend Xxorxt:

"Yes, my increasingly hairy, binocular bud, as you surmised yesterday, I indeed do all my Snqxrtmas shopping online. Going out in the cold, exterminating the crowds—who needs the frustration?

"Besides, it leaves more time to get together with family and engage in activities reflecting the true meaning of Snqxrtmas. Like taking a leisurely flight and singing carols while we watch the bright lights of a neighboring, but technically inferior, civilization's soaring towers below our ship, and blast them to dust.

"But my favorite part of the Snqxrtmas season comes afterwards. You simply haven't lived until you've cooked sptzznuts over an open fire. And if you can leave the sptzz alive to see his nuts being cooked over an open fire, and the fire is the debris that used to be his home... well, my hearts simply sing."

Uh, thanks, Xxorxt. Remember, if you ever want to drop by for Christmas... don't. We'll be busy.

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