Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Radio: The Country of the Blind (Escape)

Based on the novelette by H.G. Wells, originally published in The Strand, April 1904.

Originally broadcast on CBS, June 27, 1948.

Friday Radio is back... I hope. You see, I've found a new mp3 host, registered for it, logged in, the whole thing. But whenever I upload, it thinks the file is being uploaded by an unregistered user. Fortunately, you don't need to register to upload things, so here's hoping the file works.

And here's where I remind you that Thrilling Wonder has an edition of Wells' novel of 22nd-century monopolist dystopia, When the Sleeper Wakes, including all fifteen illustrations by H. Lanos from the 1899 first edition. (Read and/or download a preview chapter as a pdf file here.) You can currently get the book from us (thrilling_wonder) on Amazon for only $5.48, plus $3.99 s/h. Own the future today! Look slippy!

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