Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Matinee: "The Phantom Creeps" Trailer

Well, this week, I was going to begin the 12-chapter 1939 Bela Lugosi serial, The Phantom Creeps... but it's taking longer than I expected. As you know, I'm anal-retentive about this kind of thing, and I'm putting it together from three sources.

So, next week, it begins. I promise. In the meantime, Saturday Matinee is going to poach on YouTube Tuesday's preserve. Take your pick between two videos of the the original trailer for The Phantom Creeps.

This one is fuzzy and has some spurious color, but the sound is good.

This one is much crisper visually, but the sound is pretty much blown out.  I suppose if I had to choose one, it would probably be the first, because the sound on the second one is fairly unpleasant. But I'm also kind of a resolution snob, so I'm ducking the choice and leaving it up to you.

So, until next Saturday, remember: although the notion of annoying little phantoms is fairly amusing, "Creeps" in the serial's title is a verb.

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