Monday, November 7, 2011

Classic Serials: Undersea Kingdom (Faster-Paced Version), Chapter Twelve

(originally posted January 31, 2009)

Well... in spirit... I guess. Which is just as well, because it looks like that's the plane on which they now need to be defended. Seems like a certain caption card writer hasn't been keeping up with the plot.

Welcome to the rousing... and oddly nihilistic... conclusion of Republic's classic 1936 serial, Undersea Kingdom!

Someone who knows more physics than I do will have to tell you how much thrust those rocket motors would have to have to break through the roof of Atlantis—which, as we know, can resist the pressure of more than 10,000 feet of water. And, of course, how tough the tower must be to punch through totally intact. Seems to me like the Navy would have a lot more trouble than we see here, force field or no force field.

This episode was about 16:30 after removing the caption cards, and the editing was mostly removing shots from sequences to move them along faster.

You might think there was originally a scene in which Crash shows at least some feeling about his faithful buddy Moloch getting turned into a self-heating MRE in a can, but no, there wasn't one. He's just that callous.

You'd also think there was a scene, here or in Chapter Eleven, in which our heroes rescued Briny and Salty. No luck there, either. They're just magically in the sub. I don't think they were even in the chariot that brought Billy and Diana to the sub last week.

Incidentally, that means they served absolutely no purpose in the plot. I thought they did, from my dim memories from seeing this serial a couple of years ago. Had I watched this chapter again before I started, I would have removed them from the serial entirely. I briefly considered cutting them out of this chapter, but I didn't have the heart to. Having gotten them captured by Unga Khan's forces, I just had to get them out, even though I have no idea how they managed it.

Thanks to all of you who stuck this out, and I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly had fun editing it. Early on, I thought that when I was done, I might buy a higher-quality copy from a public domain video dealer, and make a new feature version (with the title I mentioned last week, Mad Tyrant of Atlantis) to release on DVD. However, since I have about six viewers a week at this point, I can't imagine it being economically viable. Oh, well.

Oh, and one last thing... Crash and Moloch emptied out the two Volkites from the sub. Moloch got crispy-fried in his, and Crash ditched his. So where did Prof. Norton get the one he's working on in the last scene?

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