Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Preview: The Cover!

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Monday night, I uploaded the files for Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2 to the printers. So with luck, I should have a proof soon, and be ready to put the thing up for sale in a few weeks. But since I never have luck, your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, to celebrate reaching the next stage at which things will inexplicably and irreparably go wrong, we present as this week's Thursday Preview... the cover!

The front cover painting is by the Chesley and Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton. When I looked at images on his website, this one absolutely screamed "Thrilling Wonder" to me.

It also brought to mind a gag from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The movie of the week was the 1961 film The Phantom Planet, and the protagonist thereof, the pilot of a U.S. rocket operating from a base on the Moon, reads the date into his log: March 16, 1980. "Oh," says Crow, "our old future."

So here we have it, an image from "our old future," showing a Moon rocket as it ought to have been.

The drawing on the back cover is by Don Anderson, who illustrated Isaac Asimov's "The Portable Star" in Volume 1. As he'll be surprised to find out if he reads this, he has two illustrations in the new issue. (On account of some late-stage contents shuffling, the story accompanying his third illustration won't appear until Volume 3—coming, I hope, later this year.) This one is for Diane Duane's novelet of space adventure, "Palladium."

As you can see from the back cover blurb, there are enough stories and articles yet to take Thursday Preview through the actual publication of the volume. Knock on laminated particleboard.

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