Tuesday, January 6, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: About the Authors

Here are some YouTube videos related to contributors to Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2.

Michael Reaves (co-writer of "Manifest Destiny") gives some interesting insights into what it's like working with "real heavy-hitters" like Steven Spielberg and Gene Roddenberry.

The trailer for the recent documentary Dreams with Sharp Teeth, all about your friend and mine, Harlan Ellison. His first published story, "Life Hutch" from 1956, appears in TWS2.

And finally, the trailer for "Blood and Fire," the two-part Star Trek: Phase II episode directed by David Gerrold and adapted from his unused script for The Next Generation. Gerrold's "Enterprise Fish," an excerpt from the sixth volume of his War Against the Chtorr series, appears you-know-where.

Part I of "Blood and Fire" is now available for watching on YouTube. No doubt we'll have it embedded here next Tuesday, once I've had the chance to watch it myself (this week, I'm busy making the honest-to-gosh last push to get TWS2 out the digital door). You can go watch it on YouTube now, if you really don't care about boosting my time-spent-on-site-by-user average (*snif*).

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