Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Radio: Dwellers in Silence (Dimension X)

Based on the story by Ray Bradbury, originally published in Maclean's, September 15, 1948.

Originally broadcast on NBC, July 19, 1951.

(Another story by Ray Bradbury, "The Irritated People," is in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 1—its first-ever appearance in an anthology.)

According to Wikipedia, only the first 13 episodes of Dimension X were broadcast live. I mention that because a couple of times in this episode, the fortieth in the series, the actors trip over their lines. At this time, shows were already being recorded and edited on magnetic tape, so I wonder why they didn't go back and re-record the lines.

This copy of the episode has a rather variable speed, starting out slow, and briefly getting very slow around 22:30. (The file runs 31 minutes, 21 seconds, so it may all be slow to some degree.)

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