Tuesday, February 17, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: ooo-WAH-ooo (diddildy-pom-diddildy-pom)

Ever since I started watching the show in 1980, the Doctor Who theme has been my favorite science fiction music... maybe my favorite music altogether. I can walk on the treadmill for an hour, and listen to nothing but various arrangements of that theme. (Try it yourself—there are literally hundreds of them at whomix.trilete.net.)

But seeing as this is YouTube Tuesday, music alone won't cut it. So how about a video of someone playing both parts of a two-track synthesizer arrangement?

Not good enough? How about someone playing the theme on ukulele while wearing a the costumes of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors?

Or the theme played on tuned twin Tesla coils. (Try to say that ten times fast.)

Or how about the theme as it appeared on the BBC Micro computer in the game "Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror" in 1985, accompanied by two versions of the TV opening credits, treated to make them look like era-appropriate computer graphics.

While we're on the subject of opening credits, how about an example of the ever-popular mash-up? Here's a 1978 performance by "Mankind," set to the Colin Baker credit sequence.

What, still not satisfied? Well, here's a guy in a mohawk, playing it in front of the TARDIS on an electric violin.

Okay, I have to admit this doesn't have much in the visual department, but it's a cool heavy metal take on the theme.

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Will Robinson said...

My favorite part of this amazing eclectic amalgam of Whovian thematic splendor is the Tardis sound effect played on the uke as the big finale. Bravo! Made my day!