Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Game: James the Space Zebra

I can't really add to the description at the Armor Games site: "Fly James around the moon, aiding important physics research by collecting the adorable Dark Matter. As ever, two bonus minigames are included!"

Okay, I can be snarky and comment on the game's introduction: it's not their spelling they should be worried about, it's their punctuation.

Seriously, though, it's a cute game, and the introduction is cute. Just, someone buy them some apostrophes, okay?


willrobinson said...

I love everything about this blog, but the un-turn-off-able music associated with this game! I can't enjoy any of the other features-- the blaring syntho-crap is clouding my synapses and inducing cranial meltdown. Must... leave... blog... now... (visual: Captain Kirk dropping to knees with wrists on ears and elbows thrust forward.)

The Editor said...

I'm trying to find out how to put things like that after the jump (i.e., make it necessary to click on the message title in order to get to them). Anyone know anything about Blogger?

Meantime, you can avoid the music and still enjoy features with audio by clicking on the title of the first message you want to read. You can then go through the messages one at a time by clicking "Newer Post" or "Older Post" (depending which direction you're going) at the bottom of the page.

It's a little extra effort, but perhaps we weren't meant for paradise. Perhaps we were meant to struggle, claw our way up...