Monday, October 17, 2011

Custom Wars

Frankly, there's a fair amount of stuff that's appeared here that I learned about via the Nerd Approved site.  In one case, I got the picture of a Star Trek cat tree from there.  Soon, I found pictures of a TARDIS cat fort in my jealous trolling of the TARDIS Builders forum.  And I thought, hey, here's something Nerd Approved hasn't done.  So, for some unfathomable reason, I waited a little while before doing a post that featured both cat trees.  And then it turned out they did the TARDIS cat fort the same day.  As Charlie Brown would say, *sigh*.

But this time, I feel pretty safe.  Back in August, Nerd Approved did a post featuring some gorgeous custom action figures of characters from the original Star Wars, re-imagined with the sensibility of the '30s and '40s science fiction serials which inspired George Lucas in the first place.

But they really only scratched the surface.  Sillof, who created those figures, is multitalented, and didn't stop (or start) with the idiom of classic serials.  Behold, with his kind permission, not just Cecil-3000 from Serial Wars...

If this were a Republic serial, of course, they'd just have painted a Volkite gold.

...but Rust-bucket from Steam Wars...

I'm imagining a 16mm projector noise when he shows the Princess's message.

...Detective Dante Victor from Noir Wars...

"I find yer lack'a fait' distoibing."

...Boran Fayne of Long Ago and Far Away...


...Hank Solomon from West Wars...

"Damn those beans.  I've got the Kessel Runs."

...Princess Layu Oganata from Samurai Wars...

"Take one more step, and this goes right in my stomach."

...and 1st Lt. Chuck Backer of World Wars!

"I ain't gettin' in no plane, Murdock!"

Hell, and this is just one from each set.  He even has a set where he doesn't restrict himself to one idiom, but mixes and matches to create his own new take on the classic designs.

And besides all this, he has custom dioramas of classic scenes from the original trilogy, beautiful yet frugal re-creations of props from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Star Trek.  And much, much more, as the commercials say.  If you want to ooh and ahh, and feel really, really jealous (although that may just be me), you owe it to yourself to check out this site.

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