Thursday, October 20, 2011

Games: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 12

You'd think, having just come up from the sewers, I wouldn't be able to sneak up on guards so well.  At any rate, now it's time for Xizor's drastically under-furnished palace!  This is a level you really need a guide for— or, ahem, a video walkthrough —what with all the fiendishly hidden challenge points.  Enjoy them while you can: in the next (final) level, challenge points are awarded automatically.

0:54 Here's yet another place where the auto-targeting just will not lock onto flying droids to save its life, hence some cheap hits.

1:39 See, that switch not only opens the door on ground level across the room, it also opens the small alcove I'm now backing into.

1:53 As you can see, this door doesn't stay open for long, which is why I concentrated on jumping and running, and left shooting the droid for once I was past the door.

3:06 If it's not obvious here what I'm doing: the switch sends the lift back to the first level.  Then, by hovering here until it goes red, I can click it again, and send the lift down to a secret level.

3:49 I'm just moving over here so you can see the drawbridge coming down.

5:18 Nothing happened when I ran through the pulse pack (purple) because I'm already full up.  The same deal with the extra 5-health pack.

5:55 Yes, another alcove where you wouldn't expect it.

6:41 This is my favorite devious hidden challenge point of the level: a hidden passageway behind an alcove.  That window I fly past, by the way, is the control room I was in a minute ago.

7:13 I'm sure there's some way to time this so you don't get pummeled by the giant gear, but I haven't managed to figure it out.

7:24 Oh, nice jump, me.

8:06 I'm going back this way instead, just to make sure I don't get pummeled by those gears I dropped between.

8:44 Again, auto-targeting and those damned flying droids.

9:36 I fired that stunner a little high, and it wasn't effective.

10:22 I can never remember which corner of this shaft is which, so I end up checking them all until I find the right one.  It's the same story with the exit hatch shortly.

11:45 I've switched to seekers because I only have so many disruptors.  It's fairly easy to hit the first stage of the Gladiator with seekers... not so much the next two.

12:46 If I had better aim, and hit the Gladiator itself more often instead of the wall behind it, this would probably go a lot quicker.

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