Monday, February 15, 2010

Games: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Parts 5&6

Continuing my runthrough of the 1996 Nintendo 64 game on easy level, losing no lives and picking up all Extra Lives and Challenge Points.

I seem to remember that when I recorded this level, back in 2002, it took me a hellish number of tries before I got all the Challenge Points and Extra Lives without losing any lives in the process. Maybe that's why I stopped after this one.

Part Five Notes:

4:40 What kind of resources do you need to have before you can (apparently) let hovertrains just run themselves down into lava? And if you have resources of that magnitude, what's even the point of having a junkyard? You can't really need to recycle. You might as well toss whatever you don't need into a star.

8:24 It takes a while to get used to the degree of "float" in this level, where the ground seems to shift under your feet. It was pretty unnerving at first, as I recall, especially when I was standing near the edge of a train.

Part Six Note:

1:26 I forgot to point out the bit back in Part Two where I had Dash repeatedly stop a big metal door from closing with his head, and he sustained no damage. He's just that tough (and possibly has just that little up there to damage). Here, he proves it again by jumping into molten metal, and coming away with some minor owies. Forget nuking the fridge; Dash could probably just survive by going into crouch mode.

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