Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Preview: Between Worlds (Preview #2)

I mentioned last time that Hugo Gernsback published the only previous book edition of Between Worlds in 1929. I bought a copy from an Amazon Marketplace seller as source material for my edition.

There was a name inside: Oswald Train. Partly because the name amused me, I Googled it. Turns out he was the founder of small fantasy and science fiction publisher Prime Press. I took it as another good omen that this copy has now been owned by two publishers. Granted, Train never published an edition of Between Worlds, but I take my kismet where I can get it.

Actually, I'm almost sorry I brought it up, because now I can't stop singing:

Ah-hahs-wald Train, high on cocaine.
Casey Jones, you'd better watch your speed.

It's a well-known fact, incidentally, that I'm totally insane.

When last we left him, Hunter, son of the Chief Patriarch of Venus, and his crew had entered the Land of Darkness beyond their native Land of Light. They have some smashing and exciting adventures there that you'll just have to buy the book and read about. As this week's preview begins, they've had enough, and are trying to get the hell out of Dodge. Hunter unveils a surprising capacity of his vessel, and makes discoveries about his world and its place in the cosmos that completely change the scope of his mission....

Click on the cover image at the upper left to read the pdf file in your browser, or do whatever you do with your browser (usually right-click with a two-button mouse, or control-click with a one-button mouse, and select "Download Linked File") to download.

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