Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Apple Juice: The Final Frontier

As usual with anything popular, I'm probably the last person on Earth to post these.

These just crack me up like nobody's business. There's really no explaining, except that these are redubbed by some people having nothing to do with what Craig Ferguson calls "the Mighty CBS Corporation."

Contains language not safe for (as they used to say on WTTW Chicago before Monty Python) younger or more sensitive viewers. (Seriously, it's not.)

A friend of mine sent a couple of these links to a foreign email acquaintance, who was appalled by them. My friend realized in retrospect that probably at least half the joke lies in familiarity with the stiff, stylized way the TNG crew normally talks. Or maybe it was the language? Who can say?

But I think some of the lines that crack me up most are the ones that take advantage of the actors' characteristic delivery. These aren't that funny written down...

"...and eat cheddar cheese."
"I used to run a soup kitchen... in my pants."
"My dad stabbed me with a hen... for free."

...but dubbed to match Stewart's characteristic delivery, they're hilarious to me. (I also like the one with Data saying, "I'm not a racist, but I don't like Alaskans.")

It's not quite as funny with a cooler crew.

...although "He who smelt it, dealt it," delivered in Jimmy Doohan's Scotty rhythm, is still pretty funny.

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