Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Matinee: The Phantom Creeps, Chapter Two (Part 3) and Three (Part 1)

Dorothy Arnold (Jean Drew) had three short stints as an actress, in 1937-9, 1954, and 1957-8. This, frankly, doesn't surprise me that much, considering her performance in The Phantom Creeps, which whipsaws unpredictably between overstated and zombie-like. Perhaps Joe DiMaggio wore her out some days.

She met DiMaggio in 1937, and married him late in the year The Phantom Creeps was released (1939). They divorced in 1944. She went on to own a supper club in Palm Springs, California, with her third husband. (DiMaggio went on to have a second storied major-league baseball career with the New York Yankees, and to marry Marilyn Monroe.)

Chapter Two, Part 3 Notes:

2:12 I'm betting that pause is an actorly brain-freeze. But it doesn't seem unrealistic.

7:11 Huh. And here I didn't even know that revolvers had stun settings. "Shoot in the gut to stun" is certainly a new one for the police procedure books.

8:32 And here's the birth of another MST3K running joke. In the episode featuring this chapter, Joel and the 'Bots had fun with how West's whispery tone made him sound like Ronald Reagan. Later, when they referred to this line, they forgot how it actually went. But the Reagan thing, they remembered. Crow would say, in a Reagan voice, "Welcome to Death Valley Days. The driver's either missing, or he's dead." Fans from that time who hadn't seen the original appearance thought the line was actually from Death Valley Days, or some Reagan film.

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