Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classic Serials: Undersea Kingdom, Chapter Four

And now, the full-length fourth chapter of Underpants Undersea Kingdom!

Back when I posted the faster-paced version of this episode, I noted, "I love how the hoofbeats continue into the end music, and just keep on going. You get the feeling that if you were able to tune back in an hour or two later, the Black Hats would still be running over Crash and Moloch. Needless to say, next week, none of this will have happened."  I then posted a video of the cheat cliffhangers of Chapters Two and Four.  But now that I have these unedited versions here, that clip video is pretty redundant, which is why I deleted this quote from that post and moved it here.


1:17 I love the art-deco design touches to the character description cards, especially Crash's.

4:00 I know this isn't in the best taste to say about someone who later suffered from throat cancer, but Lon Chaney, Jr., always sounded like it hurt him to talk.

9:08 It's Buddy Poseidon!  Or maybe the Undersea Fonz.

10:03 You have to hand it to Crash.  He betrays not the slightest sign of self-consciousness about wearing that outfit.

10:21 Okay, who was with me in hoping for Crash to snap it over his knee?

11:27 "What do you mean, there's my answer?  You mean you were expecting Crash to be made supreme commander and set you free?"

13:06 When did Crash become so conversant with the Sacred City's defensive arrangements?

15:21 "So why the hell do we even have bombers, boss?"  (Yes, I know I complain about this elsewhere.)  You gotta love the shocked look on his face, though.

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