Friday, August 12, 2011

Watching You Tube: Separate the WEAT from the Chaff

I've posted quite a few YouTube videos here, regarding the Star Trek New Voyages/Star Trek Phase II episode "World Enough and Time."  It's sort of a Thrilling Wonder family thing.  We had a 21-page feature article in Volume 2 about it, written by its script coordinator and documentarian Crystal Ann Taylor.  Co-writer Michael Reaves was also co-writer of "Manifest Destiny" in Volume 2.  Co-writer/director Marc Scott Zicree was Contributing Editor on both volumes, and wrote the article "Where No Writer Had Gone Before" for Volume 2.  Costume designer Iain McCaig created the Chesley-nominated cover for Volume 1/Summer 2007.  Assistant costume designer Mischi McCaig illustrated two stories in Volume 2.  And me, I was co-producer/digital media wrangler.  (I still have several hard drives I bought to hold footage for that project.)

[UPDATE 8/13/11: I really should have checked the credits before posting this, because I knew I'd forget someone.  In fact, I forgot several someones.  Kevin King, who wrote "Dark Side" for Volume 1, was the Producer's Assistant.  Steve Perry, the other co-writer of "Manifest Destiny," was the voice of the pilot of shuttlecraft Sturgeon.  Elisabeth Fies, who videotaped my interview with Forrest J Ackerman (which appeared in print in Volume 1, and as several videos on this blog) and asked additional questions, was a Production Assistant.  Pamela Davis, Editorial Assistant on both volumes, was Script Supervisor.  And receiving Special Thanks were Harlan Ellison ("Life Hutch," Volume 2), George Clayton Johnson ("Rock-a-Bye-Baby--Or Die!" Volume 2), Ray Bradbury ("The Irritated People," Volume 1), Mike Okuda (two illustrations in Volume 2), and finally, thanked beyond the grave, Theodore Sturgeon ("The Golden Helix," Volume 2).  In addition, many fine people on both sides of the camera were interviewed for the feature article, "No Studio, No Network, No Problem," but you'll have to ask the author who all of them were, because I'm sure there are many I never even knew about.]

I don't know why I mention this, especially, except to explain why we should have so many videos about WEAT that this post should be necessary.  You see, some of the videos have gone offline over the years.  So I figured I would gather together the ones that are still on YouTube, so I can delete the old posts with dead links.

Rehearsal of George Takei's big fight scene in the transporter room. I don't know who shot this, but it's interesting. Myself, I was parked downstairs at my Macintosh G5 as usual, so all I saw of the making of this scene as it was happening was a few seconds as a time as I picked up P2 cards full of footage, and dropped off empty ones.  (I made the window this size, because that's all the resolution it has.)

Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, on WEAT, shortly after the premiere in August 2007.

Speaking of the premiere, here's George Takei talking about it just days before. The live streaming of the event, unfortunately, didn't go so well.  As I understand it, although fans were encouraged to register ahead of time, many did not, and the unexpected traffic crashed the server.

Incidentally, although this may seem all Hollywood gushy of me, George Takei is a cool guy, a real trouper, and a great dinner raconteur.

Watch for a special Easter egg at 3:18. Yes, it's the back of your humble editor/WEAT "Digital Media Wrangler."

Well, that's taken out two old posts with three dead links.  And I'm sure you won't have a long wait for more WEAT.  (You could look them up in the old posts, of course, but that would be cheating.)


Kevin Martin King said...

Wow! Really fun post, Winston.

The WEAT ep is classic and groundbreaking in so many ways.

I so love the story, and I'm proud to have played but a tiny part in helping it come to pass. Seeing my name in the "classic" credits was one of the biggest thrills of my life.

Also really appreciated Rod Roddenberry comments.

All three of the video treats were brand-new to me. Thank you!

The Editor said...

Thank you. And sorry. I knew I was going to forget someone with TWS connections. Somehow, the obvious thing--checking the credits before posting--didn't occur to me. I've now added an update, giving you and several others their due.