Friday, August 5, 2011

Games: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 8

Continuing my playthrough of the 1996 Nintendo 64 launch title/killer app, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  This week, meet (and beat) Boba Fett!


This one was also originally in two parts (the break was at about 9:50), but this time, I was smart enough to have the part two fade-in over by the point where the fade-out begins on part one.  I could have done the whole level as a single video, but I decided I'd rather not take my chances, trying to upload a 34-minute, 4.5GB file to YouTube.  (It took three attempts to get the 2.99GB Chapter Two of Undersea Kingdom uploaded.)  Besides that at my upload speed, it would take about 15 hours.

2:07 This is really not at all difficult. I'm just not doing it well.

2:43 Ditto.

3:50 I have no idea why it seems more difficult coming back than going. Dash is losing altitude coming back, so it should be easier. And yet...  Even though that landing on the mesa was the last part I learned to do successfully, this is the most difficult to do consistently.

4:05 This is where I knew that, barring a disaster, I was going to finish this level with full lives.

5:36 That "bloop" noise is the remnant of an otherwise-edited-out accidental push of the start/pause button.

7:19 It strikes me only now that I would have avoided a lot of trouble if I had come around the shaft in the other direction, so I wasn't being constantly pushed back by the same fan blade.

9:14 Meet Random Imperial Guard #942,806, the only man tougher than Dash Rendar. Where did he come from, you ask? He fell. From the height I'm about to scale in my jetpack. A height that would certainly kill Dash. The real difficult part of this guard's training, of course, was learning not to make any sound when he hit.

13:37 Have I ever mentioned I'm scared of heights? Even this gives me a pit-of-the-stomach feeling.

16:30 Does this look easy? Okay, it is, kind of... once you've learned how while getting your lunch handed to you over and over and over.

17:04 How did I get on the ground?

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