Saturday, August 20, 2011

Games: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 9

Yet more of my video playthrough of the classic Nintendo 64 game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  I have three N64 games amongst my all-time favorites: this one, Goldeneye 007, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.  So when I finally finish this, you may be seeing more from the N64.

Now, Part Nine: Mos Eisley and Beggar's Canyon!


As you can see, I wipe out the swoop gang before picking up any of the free lives or challenge points. I suppose a faster player than I am might be able to do it on the fly, but it would almost certainly be at the cost of letting the swoop gang get out into the desert. And, really, they're much easier to kill in the confines of Mos Eisley.

Or maybe not. According to Wookieepedia, "there is a short-cut that can be taken to avoid most of the Swoop Gang members all together [sic] and finish the stage in record time." Here's how to do it. I don't know if you could avoid them and get the bonuses, though.

5:34 Whoops. Very nearly dropped off the ledge, there. In fact, I really don't understand how I didn't.

8:03 Notice the oddly-shaped challenge point, like a rabbit's head. Apparently, this is one of many references in LucasArts games to Sam and Max, a comic book series that has spun off into multiple other media. Beats me; it's one of those things I've missed out on.

8:29 If I remember correctly, there's an edit here, just as the camera finishes swinging back to the front view. It took a crazy number of tries for me to grab the challenge points above the Sarlacc pits, and rather than subject you to them, I've cut them out. The important part is, I didn't lose any lives doing it.

8:33 I couldn't find a good edit point, so I made this hugely obvious dissolve before the second Sarlacc pit.

9:15 There was no reason for me to go along the ledge here. I just forgot this wasn't the one with the challenge point.

10:10 See, this is what I thought the first one was.

10:59 This may look easy when done right, but it took a long, frustrating time for me to learn to do it right. Immediately in front of the portal is a deadly trench. Hit the portal anywhere but through the middle, and down you go.

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