Saturday, August 27, 2011

Games: Age of War

(originally posted February 16, 2009)

Here's one I got addicted to a while back. You start out in the stone age, and use your experience points to progress, era by era, into the future. Each age brings with it new kinds of troops and weapons. The goal is to destroy the enemy headquarters. Obviously, it helps if you progress faster than the computer opponent. Oh, and you can periodically rain down the vengeance of heaven on the enemy; using that at opportune moments helps, too.

I don't know if I was just lucky when I playtested this game again prior to posting it here, but I managed to beat the enemy while still in the age of musketeers.

UPDATE: Yeah, it was luck. I played again, and it went all the way to the bitter end. (I did beat the enemy; it was just with futuristic SuperSoldiers.)

[2011 Updates: Click on the message title to get to the game.  There's also now an Age of War II, which I like even better.  You can bet your boots that's coming here before long.]

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