Sunday, September 11, 2011

"A Can of Paint" Trailer

While I was uploading new and better versions of the Forrest J Ackerman interview clips and the early chapters of the Faster-Paced Undersea Kingdom, I figured I it was time to do this one as well.  Now it appears in widescreen without letterboxing, so you can have a better look at it.  It's a trailer for A Can of Paint, the short film based on A.E. van Vogt's classic short story.

Space junkman Kilgour (Aaron Robson) discovers an ancient alien spaceship.  In the process of opening an alien container, he accidentally gets paint on himself.  The paint begins to grow.  Nothing on his ship will remove it.  He seeks help from his computer (voice of Jean Franzblau), but it is less than sympathetic.  Facing an agonizing death alone in space, Kilgour struggles to gather clues to the nature of the paint, and find a way to stop it.

This is my second attempt at writing this post, because the first one was turning into The Complete and Utter History of A Can of Paint.  So here's the short version: I wrote the screenplay and was executive producer.  Director Robi Michael took a screenplay in which a man and a computer exchange a metric ton of dialogue while paint grows, and made it visually compelling.  It played at over 25 film festivals, and garnered awards in several categories.  It's generated some very nice quotes.  No doubt I'll expand on this on future occasions when I'm feeling particularly shameless.

Now here's the important part: it's available only via, at a low, low price!  Get it now while supplies last!  Oh, who am I kidding?  The minimum order when I had the DVDs pressed was 1,000, and seven years later, I still have upwards of 250 of them.  Look over to the right, find the widget with the photo of the cover, click the button beneath, and initiate the process of transferring a lovely, genuine pressed DVD (not a burned DVD-R) in an attractive shrinkwrapped case from my closet to yours (or wherever you keep your DVDs).

Plus, you have our iron-clad guarantee: if you don't love it more than life itself... if you don't get the crispest, tastiest julienne fries you've ever had... it makes a lovely, conversation-starting coaster.

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