Friday, September 2, 2011

Watching You Tube: Space Adventure, Episodes 10-12

I don't know why these have so few views (204, 175, and 240, respectively).  This is one of my favorite web series.  Although, considering the inverted relationship I seem to have with popular things (and, incidentally, that popularity seems to have with the things I do), maybe it's not so puzzling.

At any rate, when last we left Mik, 19 friggin' months ago, he had found a means to bring the ship's computer back to life, as it were.

Episode 10: At It Again!

As a commenter wrote, "oohoo! a new prop and a new angle, all in one episode!!"

Episode 11: As Easy as A/B See What I Mean

Episode 12: Virtual Shape Eating

These episodes were posted about four years ago.  Here's a bit of what creator/star Mik Garrison has been doing more recently:

At the rate I've been going, expect more Space Adventure here around October 2013.  I am hoping to do better than that, though.

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