Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watching YouTube: Original Star Trek Bloopers, Season 2

As I probably should also have said last week, sorry about the low video quality.  I would have thought there were more posts of the Star Trek bloopers out there to choose from.  But this is as good as I've been able to find.

Second Season "Wrap Party" Reel:

0:00 I've never seen this joke station I.D. before.  It wasn't on either of the tapes I once had.  Makes me laugh, though.

1:41 I'd just like to tell all you young whippersnappers that, until I was a teenager, this is what this shot looked like most of the time on television: the 16mm prints were so bad, you couldn't see the planet at all.  Plus, we had to beam uphill to school.  Both ways.

2:07 They're missing a shot here.  As I recall, it was an outtake from "Bread and Circuses."  Leonard Nimoy turns to the handheld camera and breaks out in a huge, un-Spock-like grin, and the camera suddenly tilts.  The operator was probably breaking up.

2:28 Actor Ed Reimers was also the TV pitchman for Allstate insurance, delivering the slogan, "You're in good hands with Allstate."  I think my favorite bit of this, though, is Reimers' moment of tongue-protruding concentration as he reaches to catch the Tribble.

2:31 I think this may be my favorite outtake, just for the randomness of it.  Some people on YouTube were confused about what Shatner says here, so here it is: "Listen, that bacon is really bad.  No, no kidding, it just stays with you the whole night."  (I may have it wrong at the very end.  It's tough to make out there.)  He has more to say about the bacon a little later.

3:11 This is frequent extra Billy Blackburn removing his "android body" makeup on the set of "Return to Tomorrow."  By the way, if I remember correctly you get paid time and a half for aftertime, and twice time for yet-later "golden time."

3:54 Shatner is addressing associate producer Robert H. Justman.  One of Justman's jobs was to shut filming down promptly every night, so the production wouldn't have to pay out a bunch of that aforementioned aftertime and golden time pay.  However, due to that frugality, it seems Shatner couldn't get all his old-age makeup scenes done in one day.  And he wants Justman to know in the rushes tomorrow.  (See below about "the rushes.")

4:07 This is Gene Roddenberry on the set of "Operation-- Annihilate!" backed with audio from "Patterns of Force."

5:01 I wish I could tell you who these people are.  It would probably make it funnier.

5:50 I don't know who the guy here is, either.  But the real mystery to me is who authorized spending the production's film to document women working out.  And what they were planning to use it for afterwards.  Okay, maybe that last part isn't such a mystery.

6:15 "The rushes" are the quickly-produced print of the negative shot the previous day... and also (as Shatner is using it here) the term for the screening of that print.  In other words, he's talking to the production staff.

6:35 Carrying Shatner away is Ted Cassidy, who played the android Ruk (and the voices of the Puppet Balok and the Gorn) the previous season.  Before that, he was Lurch on The Addams Family.  Here, he's visiting from the set of The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, where he played Injun Joe.

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