Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free Fiction: The Worlds of If

It occurred to me... I've already presented the sequel to this story, which was going to appear in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 3, as a Free Fiction item.  Why not give away the story itself, which appears in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 1 (aka Summer 2007), as an inducement to check out the rest of this fine, fine volume?

In addition to "The Worlds of If," Volume 1 features these stories from the original run of Wonder Stories and Thrilling Wonder Stories:

"The Moon Era" by Jack Williamson
"The Alien Machine" by Raymond F. Jones (the first of the "This Island Earth" stories)
"Salvage" by Cleve Cartmill
"The Portable Star" by Isaac Asimov (making its first-ever book appearance)
"The Irritated People" by Ray Bradbury (doing likewise)

"Farthest Horizons," a story by Geoffrey A. Landis, previously available only in Science Fiction Age

And these all-new stories:

"Jovian Dreams" by Ben Bova
"Three's a Crowd" by Eric Brown
"Love Seat" by R. Neube
"Enlightenment" by Michael Kandel
"Tomb of the Tyrant Emperor" by Constance Cooper
"Dark Side" by Kevin King

Plus articles, comics, reviews of classic movies on DVD, new and classic artwork, and much, much more!  Check out the Amazon widget to the right and press the button to buy a new or used copy.  Or check out the Amazon product page here.

Click image to download story (1.85MB pdf file)

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