Saturday, September 3, 2011

Games: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) Part 10

Blah blah 1995 blah blah Nintendo 64 blah blah.  Now Part 10: Imperial Freighter Suprosa.

This isn't one of my favorite levels. It seems like every time I turn a corner, something is already shooting at me. And since usually, they don't come around the corner after me, I'm constantly taking damage. That's annoying even when there are adequate remedies around.

As with Part 9, I received a notice from YouTube after uploading it that it "may have content that is owned or licensed by Warner Chappell." Which is to say, the music. Which makes me wonder how so many of these installments haven't gotten me notes like this.

Not that I'm complaining about the ones I have gotten. I think many copyright holders are being quite rational about this sort of use of their material. I get to post my walkthrough even though it features their music, and they get to place ads on it. Seems like a win-win situation. (The exception is that Part 2 is, for some reason, simply banned outright in Germany. Go figure that.)


0:19 Is it my imagination, or is Luke, let's say, more generously proportioned in the lower face here than he is in the movies?

1:50 Fortunately, this Stormtrooper will come after you if you wait long enough.

4:30 If it seems I'm being over-cautious here, remember the first paragraph.

6:23 I think there's probably more complex jumping in this level than in any other. Do this one wrong, for instance, and you end up on the other side, and have to go through the Dash-mashers again.

6:29 Here you see me not doing too well, grabbing the free life. Now, I suppose I could have done the level a few more times until I had one where I did everything right the first time, but I think this way is probably more educational for the viewer.

7:15 As I say, more complex jumping. Here, twisting in the air after coming off the turntable.

9:49 I've mentioned it before, but I enjoy it when Dash stops bulkheads from descending with his head.

10:17 To avoid wasting a lot of time here, you have to memorize where the important stuff is. Or write it down in a chart, which is what I did. But take it from me, the bays I don't check here, aren't worth checking. Same with the boxes I don't blow up.

14:48 Well, that was easy. If I remember correctly, in the more difficult levels, you don't have disruptors at this point to help you.

16:16 "Xizor is unaware that both Darth Vader and the rebels have learned of his treachery and race to confront him." For some reason, reading it this time, I almost want to check out the novel, because that sounds exciting: Vader and the Rebellion after the same guy. That "almost" isn't to diss the novels, by the way (especially one written by an author from one of my Thrilling Wonder Stories volumes); they're just one of the many things I never started on, and which seemed later like it was too late to start. But I suppose this one would be fairly standalone.

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