Sunday, September 18, 2011

Watching YouTube: Original Star Trek Bloopers, Season 1

I first saw these bloopers when my father bought it on a grey market tape from "Video Yesteryear."  They filled the tape out with Laugh-In bloopers, which just kind of confused me, because I was three years old when it went off the air, so what did I know from Laugh-In?  Er, as opposed to Star Trek, which went off the air before I was born.  But you know what I mean.

The tape self-destructed in my family's Betamax, so that was the end of that.  In the early '90s, I was able to get another grey-market tape (this time on VHS) at a convention.  Eventually, that went missing somehow. Now there's YouTube, and until and unless what Craig Ferguson calls the Mighty CBS Corporation decides to suppress them, I need never be without the Star Trek blooper reels again.

Mid-season blooper reel:

2:31 Why the Mission Impossible clip?  Besides that it was also produced by Desilu, I dunno.

2:55 Why Lucy?  She still owned Desilu at the time (and starred in the company's The Lucy Show).  She sold out to Gulf+Western late in Star Trek's second season, and Desilu was merged with Paramount (the studio next door, also acquired by Gulf+Western).

End-of-the-season "wrap party" reel.  Some from the previous one recur here:

3:33 This one confuses some people.  I've even heard people claim this was Nichelle Nichols' first day on the set.  (It's not; it's from "A Taste of Armageddon," late in the season.)  The thing is, when actors aren't in a shot, sometimes they don't stick around to feed lines to the actor on screen.  Someone in the crew stands in to give the actor someone to react to.  Here, Nichols is unsure who is standing in for Shatner.  (As I recall from actors' memoirs, Shatner's frequent refusal to feed lines got on the other regulars' nerves.  Most of them usually stayed out of courtesy to the onscreen actor.)

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