Friday, September 23, 2011

The Trilby of a Time Lord

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Have you ever wanted a hat like the one Tom Baker wore during his first six years on Doctor Who?  Sure, we all have.  I, personally, have been jonesing for one for 31 years.

But how to get one?  Surely you can't just go grab one off the shelf at the local K-Mart.  (The "K," unfortunately, does not stand for "Kasterborous.")  And making one to order would be prohibitively expensive, yes?

No.  "Penwiper," on Pyrdon Academy's Doctor Who costuming forum, shows you how you can make one yourself for less than $20.

And what do you need to get started, making the headgear of that quintessentially British hero with the unshakably Edwardian dress sense?

Why, naturally, a cowboy hat.

Windshield roadkill pigeon optional.
I can't describe the process in full.  (That would be stealing, and Lord knows that's not what the Internet is for, right?  Right?)  And why bother when you can follow the link above, and see it for yourself, along with copious numbers of helpful photos.  But suffice it to say that with some clipping, soaking, brushing, bashing, ironing, and sewing, you too can have a hat you'll be proud to travel time and space in.  Just watch out for that automatic security system when you visit Nerva Beacon.

Change, my dear.  And it seems not a moment too soon.

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